2011 BMW 328xi

I bought a new 2011 bmw 328xi back in November. My car now has 12,000km and my oil light came on so I did an oil check and told me to add 1liter.I wanted to know if this is normal after 12,000km that it burns oil?
Thank you
June 2, 2012.

For a new engine there might be a little oil consumption, especially when you are talking about 12,000 km which is rather a long period of use.

Monitor the situation again and check the owner's manual for any other information. Let the dealer know about this so a to have a record of this.

Jun 2, 2012.
Which oil light? There's one to warn of low oil pressure and many cars now have something to let you know it's due for an oil change. I'm not aware of any cars that have a light to warn of low oil level.

I can't remember how many kilometers are in a mile, but most manufacturers recommend changing the oil every 3,000 miles. 12,000 kilometers seems way too long to go between oil changes. If I'm right, your oil consumption is not excessive. If you mean the car has 12,000 kilometers now, it's still going to use some oil.

Most engines today use some oil so to address the many complaints about that usage, all dipsticks are marked now with "min" and "max" instead of "add" and "full". If your oil was only filled to the "min" mark at the last oil change, it definitely will be below that now.

One liter low should not be enough to cause low oil pressure. I would check the level right after the next oil change, then check it again half way to the next one to see how much it dropped. If it starts out near the "max" mark and drops below the "min" mark before the next oil change, document the usage and show the numbers to the dealer. Years ago engines often used excessive oil until they were broken in, but with better machining processes, that really isn't a problem any more. While a little oil consumption is normal, excessive consumption generally won't improve over time.

Jun 2, 2012.
No dipstick on this motor to check. BMW considers the oil consumption you report as normal. BMW considers 15000 miles as the interval for oil changes with their synthetic oil and for this motor.

Dr. Hagerty
Oct 25, 2012.