2009 Ford Focus • 160,000 miles

Car just stopped running. Truned but wouldn't fire up. Garage states there are 2 timing in the focus. One was changed at the last service, the lower one wasn't. This has 'blown' the engine and I need a new one engine! Is this correct? Experienced the dashboard lights coming on while running but car has never stopped. These were corrected as computer malfunctions. This has happened a couple of times but faults cleared via hook up to garage computer. Car is Ford Focus Tdci 1800 115ps diesel.
many thanks for any help
August 8, 2013.

When the timing goes out, valves bend, cylinder head becomes damaged and the pistons are damaged. The short answer is yes, you need a new motor. This time change the belts at the required time and this will not happen.


Aug 10, 2013.