2005 Toyota 4Runner • 6 cylinder 2WD Automatic • 132,000 miles

I have a 2005 Toyota 4Runner Sport Edition 2WD V6 4.0L, and I need brake pads. What are some good brands for this vehicle? Also I am not sure if I need front or rear or both.
March 16, 2011.

Get the OEM part-to know measure the thickness of the old pads

Mar 16, 2011.
The cheapest pads you can find will be fine. That's not to say your vehicle came with cheap pads, just that it costs just as much to make less-expensive linings as it does to make expensive ones. What the manufacturers have to be very careful of is that their linings have the same "coefficient of friction" as the original ones. That is important to maintain the braking balance between the front and rear brakes. You do not want new front pads that can lock up the wheels easier than the rear ones. The only way to know which linings must be replaced is to perform an inspection. With the age and mileage you listed you are probably doing a lot of highway driving so the rear linings are probably fine yet. The rear shoes on my '88 Grand Caravan lasted well over 180,000 miles. Typically the front pads will wear out twice as fast as the rear shoes or pads. If you need rear shoes, be sure to measure the width of the linings and the inside diameter of the drum in case there are different sizes available.

Mar 16, 2011.