2005 Saturn L300 • 38,000 miles

My Saturn 2005 L300 has a little under 38,000 miles and I have never changed the transmission fluid. Is it advisable to do so now? If so, what transmission fluid do you recommend? The manual calls for Dexron III. I have seen Dexron III and Dexron III/Saturn. Is there a difference? The transmission place I called said they were the same. Can I use Dexron VI (synthetic) instead and will it mix OK with the remaining fluid that was originally put in the car? I have read it has replaced Dexron III/Saturn on 2005 and newer Saturns. Thanks for your help.
October 31, 2012.

Thank you "saturntech9". I was going to ask if I could deal with you in the future, but wasn't sure it worked like that. I feel like we are pen pals now!? Sorry for all of the over and again questions, but once I found someone who knew my car, I wanted to unload everything. I appreciate your expertise and will most definitely call on you with my future questions. I actually came across one transmission shop that refused to work on Saturns. How rude! Take care and keep up the wonderful Saturn advise.

Nov 2, 2012.
The funny thing in the case of your car they use that transmission in other gm cars.I think the transmission they dont like is in the S model saturns that only use in saturns. But there super easy to work on and are very predictable when they have issues. Yes iam here for I may not answer right away depending on what's going. On at the time but will. Get back. To you

Nov 3, 2012.