2005 Ford Focus • 67,000 miles

The other day I had the shift cable replaced, because my keys wouldn't come out of the ignition. When I got into the car the shifter was loose and couldn't go into reverse. I had to gently find the reverse and drive it back to the shop. They tightened the cable. After a day of driving, the button on the shifter popped out! I took it back to the shop and they said that the shifter assembly needs to be replaced! Do you think this was the problem in the first place? I think they should of found this the right go around. How much will this repair cost?
April 13, 2012.

Who knows? Ask them? Have them get a used part to save money.

Apr 13, 2012.
Yes they should have found this the first time. These cars have problems with the shift lever assembly, the button, and the relay that this button actuated. The relay tells the computer the car is in park and allows the key to be removed.
A new shift lever assembly should cost around $500 installed. It is a five hour job at a dealership. You can replace it yourself if you have the skills. Used shift assembly on eBay is around $75. Make sure to check the relay before you install a used shifter.

Nov 2, 2012.