2005 Ford Explorer • 29,000 miles

I have a ford sportstrac and I was going to fill the coolant in the resovior but I noticed that the color is PINK. I recently changed the transmission and the trans intercooler. And only the radiator not yet. What do you think is the problem of the pink color. My regular motor oil is ok. Thanks.
January 28, 2012.

Its mixing with transmission fluid-the transmission cooler is leaking internally

Jan 28, 2012.
Some coolant are colored and it can range from green blue or pink. At the radiator neck, is there any signs of oil contaminations?

If the punk is clear, then it is the color of the coolant used. If the pink is milky, you could have oil based substances in the cooling syatem. Check the transmission fluid, if it is milky as well, you most probably has a leak in the transmission fluid system, which has cooler/heater core in the radiator.

Jan 28, 2012.
Thank you and so what should I do change the radiator

Jan 30, 2012.
If transmission fluid is contaminated with coolant, you need to at least replace the cooler inside the radiator and also flush the transmission.

Jan 31, 2012.