2003 Volkswagen Passat • 146,000 miles

So as of right now, when the engine is cold, the ABS light and the ESP light are off. Then, when I brake at speeds above 26mph its perfectly fine but if it is 25mph or lower I hear a HORRIBLE grinding noise and its comming from ONLY the front side of the vehicle. So bad that I actually use the E-Brake to make a complete stop wheni get to 25mph. I already check the pads inside and out and they look perfectly fine and the rotors are almost new. Now, when those 2 warning lights turn on braking is perfectly fine. No grinding noise what-so-ever at any speed. I just recently had the ABS controller module repaired at modulemasters. Com and they did actually fix the problem and it works now cuz it got rid of a warning signal and light but now this pops up. So, if you can give me any advice because I really want to avoid going to the dealorship and paying out the wazoo.
April 5, 2013.

Scan for fault codes and check your wheel bearings for free play (raise front of car and wiggle the front wheels). If wheel bearing play is present, try tightening the outer CV bolt at the center of the wheel hub. 17mm allen or 22mm hex head bolt.


Apr 5, 2013.
I agree, this is excellent advice, if you have any doubts about doing these check, get a mechanic to test for you.

Apr 19, 2013.