2003 Dodge Ram • 5.7L V8 4WD Automatic • 185,000 miles

I used 4 wheel drive the other night! It started grinding before it went into 4 high! But after that when I went to put it back in 2 wheel drive it has a grinding sound! But you put it back in 4 h the sound goes away!
December 23, 2013.

Move shift lever into 2H position.
Raise vehicle.
Loosen shift rod lock bolt at trunnion.
Check shift rod fit in trunnion. Be sure rod does not bind in trunnion. Lubricate the shift rod and trunnion if necessary.
Verify that transfer case shift lever is in 2H detent position. The 2H detent position on the transfer case shift arm is the second position from full forward.
Align the adjustment locating hole on the lower shifter lever with the adjustment channel on the shifter bracket assembly (Fig. 105 ).
Insert an appropriately sized pin through into the adjustment channel and through the locating hole to hold the shifter in the correct position.
Tighten shift rod lock bolt to 10 N.M (90 in. Lbs.) Torque.
Remove the locating pin from the adjustment channel and locating hole.
Check shift linkage operation. Be sure transfer case shifts into and operates properly in all ranges.
Check adjustment first it may be out of adjustment or if not it may b a tcase problem.

Dec 23, 2013.
I followed your instructions and everything is aligned perfectly. I'm still getting the grinding sound. Anymore suggestions on where to look? It sounds like it's coming from the left front side of the truck.

Dec 25, 2013.
If it's coming from the front and sounds like grinding, check your front axle and shafts also drive in a circle right handed that will amplify the sound to make sure it is on the lh side. Check your fluid level if really low then check for cracks and have the axle checked for a gear problem.

Dec 25, 2013.