1998 Dodge Ram

Noises problem
1998 Dodge Ram Four Wheel Drive Automatic 263297 miles

I have a 1998 Ram 2500 Cummins Diesel 2400 valve. When you go around curves or make turns you hear this, what some call a binding noise. Now starting to feel it under your feet. Seems to do it after the truck has warmed up. Notice it more if I'm pulling a load. No one has been able to locate problem. I had the differential changed out, as we thought there was play in spider gears. Another shop said, there was nothing wrong with my diff, but the front end had worn parts. Got those replaced. The problem is still there and unfortunately is inconsistant. Motor mounts are ok and tranny was look at and minor repairs done.

Driving 50 mph, now feel that something is shifting under the truck, like a back & forth movement. Mechanic can hear metal to metal when shifting from " R to N", but truck is so loud it's hard to tell where it's coming from. Please help! I am at my wits end and don't have money to tear into this thing.
December 28, 2009.

Have the front hub bearings been looked at? That and bad U-Joints up front can do this.

Dec 28, 2009.
The hubs, outer u-joints, front brakes were done in April with other front end repairs. Heard this noise also, when backing up to parallel park. Guy in shop tryed to tell me, that because I have a locker rear end, that this noise is normal. He has a Dodge. Hmm! Never used to make this noise. Maybe somethings wrong with his. Running out of options, without parting out my truck to find what's making this happen?

Dec 28, 2009.
I am sending you a Tech bulliten for the rear leaf springs, as they are known to make noises, and new parts have been designed and are now in use, have a look at it and see if this might be the problem. Check your email for it!

Dec 29, 2009.