2002 Honda Civic • 85,000 miles

I had rotors, pads, and calipers replaced. System was bled. Now the pedal goes to the floor. The car stops but I have to pump the pedal a few times. The master cylinder was replaced. Still same problem. He wants to replace the booster next. I think the problem miight be in the abs system. So far it has cost me a lot of money. I have a civic manual but it is hard to understand. I read on the internet the problem could be the abs master pump. Could you help me out?
November 23, 2012.

Yes, seems like a fault with the ABS and don't replace the booster, it has nothing to do with such symptoms.

Try this. Go to a sandy area or maybe on a grass field. While driving the vehicle at around 20 mph, jam on the brakes and test if the ABS works. Try a few times and note if the pedal height increases.

Nov 24, 2012.