2002 Ford Excursion • 13,500 miles

Trouble with brakes lasting on 2002 excursion. Original brakes lasted 60,000 miles replaced at ford dealer after that seem to last 10 to 12,000 miles also vibration starts with rotors and have replaced them
October 31, 2012.

Brake life is dependent on many things, type of pad for one. Ceramic are pretty good ones. It also depends if you are a heavy footed/left foot brake person, any mechanic will be ableto tell by wear on lh side of brake pedal. If you are getting vibration on rotors its pulsation form getting out of round, usually by repeated heavy stops or riding the brake. You could also have calipers that are frozen or not sliding well on mounting. A mechanic can tell by one side or the other of pad being worn. All brake pads manufactured in u.S. Have ratings on them like EF or FF the higher the alphabet the better they stop cold or hot. I think the ratingnow goes to HH, but ceramics are normally FF.

Oct 31, 2012.