2002 Chevrolet Tracker • 123,580 miles

I have a nice 2002 chevy tracker with 2.5 v6 dohc engine I was driving it since I bought it thats about 11 months then one after noon I started my tracker and drove it about 6 miles to the store. I got half way back when it started to overheating and made some clunking sounds in engine then died and wont start again. This all happened in about 5 mins. So I pulled it home and it turns over with no knocking or tapping just wont start but it acts like its dragging when turning it over and help would be appreciated.
January 25, 2013.

Check compression first then check to see if timing belt has snapped ifit has you may have bent valves bu a compression test will tell you that.

Jan 25, 2013.
The compression was fine do you think the teationer my have jammed leaving the main chain to jump time? It has 4settle timing chains in this particular engine. If I had bent a valve wouldnt it knock when turning the engine over? And I need to find a pic or a diagram of the timing chains removal and a pic of the internals of this particular engine being a v6 dohc 2.5 for tracker.

Jan 25, 2013.
If a vlavle bent it won't make any noise, scan for codes and check fuel pressure it may have blown a ; head gasket as well. Here is diagram of one heaad check that one.

Jan 25, 2013.