2002 Chevrolet Cavalier

Got fuel pump problems now another back yard mechanic says its not the pump on our 2002 cavillier because he flooded it he says. He find the problem we need a cam sensor. Could he be right. Before I banged on the gas tank and it started. Before we had to rock the car back and forth from the back then the car would start.A couple of weekends ago in a city 100 miles away from home I banged on the gas tank and then it would start. These things now won't get the car going. We bought a fuel pump yesterday at an auto wreckers for 140.00 Today someone checked our car and said it was a cam sensor near the gas tank. He showed me one from a firebird it looks the size of a sparkplug. The oil is low I'am going to get the car tuned up just as soon as we get it on the road. Working part time. Thank you for your answer I'am very grateful. Have a good day.
March 25, 2012.

Have the fuel pressure checked with a fuel gauge if its within specs-start here-BTW dunno where that fool got his cam sensor back there -there's no such thing back there with that-

Mar 25, 2012.