2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse • 169,600 miles

The other day I started to notice my car would feel like it was pulling a little to the right when it would shift from 2 to 3 gear so I took it to my mechanic. They drove it and said it was a suspension problem but the machine they needed to put it on was being used so we agreed id bring it back monday morning. Well this morning I was w my sister and I put it into gear and noticed it said neutral but it was in drive. I pushed the shifter all the way up and cut the car off. When I tried to start it back it acted like it wasnt all the way in park. I pushed on the shifter and tried again and it started. It drives fine but with no reverse and it says its in neutral when its in drive and neutral is the highest it will read on the display.
October 23, 2011.

There are several possibilities; The transmission pump or leaking internal seal or o-ring
Shifter adjustment to assure each indicated gear puts the gear switch into the proper detent/position.

The gear shift safety lockout between the brake pedal and the shifter switches may have failed or need adjustment.

I am attaching several diagrams and tests to help with the diagnostics.

As far as the suspension goes, I cannot see any suspension isssues that would keep a transmission from shifting. It would have to be a major damage or defect issue. It could also possibly be the axle on the transmission side.

The first thing I would suggest is to go to an Advance Auto or an Auto Zone and have them run the trouble codes. They will generally do this for free.
Come back to use when you get the codes.

Well actually I have had my problem fixed. The reason it wasnt shifting properly was the shifter cable thingy(the plastic fitting thing that keeps it in place)was broken. And as far as the suspension problem it was a loose bolt and missing nut on a control arm.

Oct 26, 2011.
Excellent, I am glad to hear you got it all straightened out.
The loose bolt and nut on the control arm is a little scaryy.
Did you use LocTite on the nut when you put it back together just to be safe?