2001 Ford Windstar • 178,000 miles

Just changed rear brake shoes. Everything going weel until I put the wheel on & tighten lugs. As I was tightening the first lug I noticed the wheel wasn't turning as I snugged the bolts. Tried to turn the tire & wouldn't budge. Loosened lugs & took wheel off, turns fine but as soon as I tighten a lug wont budge. Any idea of what is going on?
December 29, 2012.

The brake shoes might not be correct part number. If you have the old ones compare them to the new ones and make sure they are the same dimensions and not wider than the old ones.

I thought that might be the case but I have already returned the old shoes as I did the 1st side a couple of days ago & it went fine pulled off shoes on this side & took back for core charge & just finishing up today. So why would 1st side (drivers side be fine & passenger side have this problem?

Dec 29, 2012.
The shoes are different front and rear. Compare the two shoes and they will be different. Make sure you put them on the same way you took them off. Meaning put the larger shoe in either front or rear and the smaller shoe in same fashion.
The only other thing I can think of is incorrectly installed springs or the parking brake cable being put into its slot incorreclty.
It is too bad you took the core back to compare them to.
The shoes being incorrect part number is most likley or you have installed leading and lagging or front and rear shoes in wrong order on both of the fronts or rears on one side.
There are not a lot of possibilities as the axle keeps the drum at the proper distance from the shore so it does not touch it. So, there has to be an issue with the shoes sticking out on the drivers'side.