2000 Toyota Camry • 154,000 miles

I have had the master cylinder replaced 3 times within 3 weeks. The brakes have been bled. The pedal now goes almost to floor. I am being told this is normal. However, this was not how the pedal was prior to the replacement. Also, there is leaking from each of the new master cylinders. What needs to done to correct the pedal and the leaking?
February 5, 2013.

You can't have leakage and expect the pedal to remain high and firm, and you're right, a sinking or low pedal is definitely not normal. Where is that leakage occurring from? Do you have power brakes? If you do, and the leakage is from the rear of the master cylinder, the fluid would go into the booster and there's a real good chance you wouldn't see it. That implies it's leaking from one of the ports. The first suspect would be the line nut is loose or the flare on the end of the steel line is cracked.

Feb 5, 2013.