2000 Chrysler Neon • 175,000 miles

While waiting at a light, car lost ALL power. No engine, no power steering, no lights, no hazard flashers. Had to put the car into neutral and push it off the road and into a nearby parking lot. Attempted to resart, heard a weird clicking from the ignition, almost as if it was "resetting", like when you put a tape in a tape deck, but would not start. Opened hood, wiggled a few wires and the dome light came on and the chime indicating the door is open came on. Car started and I drove to the mehaninc. Thought it was a loose wire, tied down all wires and checked the battery and all connections, all were fine. Car drove fine for a few days and just did it again while pulling into my driveway. I also have an automatic starter, but it is currently disabled. This is dangerous, as I cannot gwete off the road and I have no flashers to warn people I am there! Please help
December 27, 2011.

Been told to check the wire coming from my remote start to check for shorts or loose connections, and to replace the wire coming from my starter to my battery. There are a few bare spots on the wire and may be causing it to arc and short out. Doesa this make sense?

Dec 28, 2011.
Yes that makes sense. You should check both battery cables for bare spots where insulation has come off and there connections for a tight corrosion free fit. The positive cable goes from the battery to the starter and the negative goes from the battery to the engine block or chassis. You may want to look around the area where the bare spot is as it would create a very large arc which could cause damage to components around it. It will be attracted to metal, but if that metal has a hose attached to it or is anywhere near an electronic part look at them to see if the have damage from an electrical strike.