1999 Saturn SC2 • 4 cylinder FWD Automatic • 134,128 miles

Where is the TCC solenoid in a 1999 saturn sc2 and where can I buy one? Is it a DIY repair?
December 8, 2010.

Dealer part. Based on the trans you have, it can be mounted on the outside of the trans or in the trans.

To replace it you will have remove the battery and battery tray. Then the trans valve body cover then the cover to the valve body assembly then the bus plate. So how do you know it's the tcc solenoid?And not the bus plate or wire's going to it?What code's do you have?What test's have you done to determine it's the solenoid?

Dec 8, 2010.
I have the code P0740. I think its the TCC because thats what ive been reading about. When I get close to a full stop, the car feels like its going to stall and sometimes when I put the car in park, it revs up without me giving it any gas, also when I break sometimes it feels like the car wants to keep going and the rpms go up a little and it affects my braking. Someone told me it could be the torque converter itself. But im not sure. What do you guys think?

Dec 9, 2010.
The TCC can cause all the problems you mentioned. I would have it checked to see if it is at fault. That is what the computer is recognizing as the problem and it will be cheaper to replace that rather than the converter. Have it checked and let me know what you find.

You most likely have a open from the fuse to the solenoid or a blown fuse caused by a short in circuit 1526a caused by pinched wire or a bad solenoid.I would first check the tcc fuse in the under hood fuse box if it's blown then you will have to figure out what caused it to blow. You can also check the solenoid with a ohms meter if you have one. You unplug the connector from the valve body and the back side of that connector has letter label's to tell you which terminals are which you can line it up to tell which terminal's to test on the transmission to test the tcc solenoid. You want to test terminals e and k on the transmission you want to see less then 6 ohms across those two terminals.

Dec 9, 2010.