1999 Ford Explorer • 6 cylinder 2WD Automatic • 60,000 miles

I have a 99 Ford Explorer. That I just use for fishing I do not use it daily. In the winter when it sits for about two weeks the battery goes dead. I have had it jumped by Triple A and they said the alternator and the battery appear to be working fine. I am not where this vehicle is every day so I cannot start it every day. I want to have some idea what I should be asking the auto repair shop to look at rather than go thru an expensive trial and error exercise.
Anthony Barbieri
December 5, 2010.

Well in the winter, it is easy for the cold to pull the batteries voltage over a period of a couple of weeks, especially if it is not a new batter, but I am also thinking that you may have a very small parasitic drain, like a clove box light or something small.

He is right about the parasitic drain. This is a problem that Ford is aware of but they won't tell you about or file a recall (I know someone on the inside). I own the same model (1999 Ford Explorer 5.0L) and unless the vehicle is started daily to recharge, the battery will almost surely die. I left it for a week on vacation and had to spend another $80 on a new battery by the time I got back.

Dec 7, 2010.
Thanks Frnc11, you will have to check everything to make sure nothing is left on, including cigarette lighters, clocks etc. If you wont be there to start it withing forty eight hours, unplug the negative cable, and wrap the battery if you have to, (with a towel or something)depending on how cold and treacherous it gets where your located