1998 Toyota Camry • 202,758 miles

I have a 98 Toyota Camry 2.2l with transmission problems. The problem is the check engine light comes on. The code is P0758. The light could come on right after you start the vehicle or when you driving down the road. I have already replaced the tranny with a used one out a junk yard and still have the same problem. Any suggestion would be greatful.
February 17, 2013.

DTC P0758 Shift Solenoid B Electrical Malfunction (Shift Solenoid Valve No.2)

Shifting from 1St to O/D is performed in combination with ON and OFF of the shift solenoid valves No.1 and No.2 controlled by ECM. If an open or short circuit occurs in either of the shift solenoid valves, the ECM controls the remaining normal shift solenoid valve to allow the vehicle to be operated smoothly (Fail safe function).

Fail Safe Function: If either of the shift solenoid valve circuits develops an open or short, the ECM turns the other shift solenoid ON and OFF to shift to the gear positions shown in the table below. The ECM also turns the shift solenoid valve SL OFF at the same time. If both solenoids are malfunction, hydraulic control cannot be performed electronically and must be done manually.
Manual shifting as shown in the following table must be done (In the case of a short circuit, the ECM stops sending current to the short circuited solenoid).

Wow, shame you replaced it with the same issue. Who told you the trasn was bad? And why?

It looks like a wiring issue somewhere. Let a trans shop at least track down the failure


Feb 17, 2013.
Before the tranny quick pulling all together andd it multi codes. I talk to dealer and other transmission shops and thats where I got my info. I had someone at a trans shop tell me it could be the pcm, is that possible?

Feb 18, 2013.