1998 Ford Expedition • V8 2WD Automatic •

My husband and I are trying to replace the heater core on my 1998 ford expedition. In the manual it has a picture of the whole dash taken apart. Could you please tell me if we have to take the whole dash apart or if there is another way to take the heater core out and put in the new one. I hope so becaus e it seems really hard if we have to go through all of that
November 22, 2010.


Disconnect the battery ground cable.
Drain the radiator. Refer to: "Engine, Cooling and Exhaust : Cooling System : Service and Repair" See: Engine, Cooling and Exhaust\Cooling System\Service and Repair
Remove the instrument panel. Refer to: "Body and Frame : Interior Trim : Dash Board : Service and Repair" See: Body and Frame\Interior Moulding / Trim\Dashboard / Instrument Panel\Service and Repair

Compress the holding tabs and disconnect the heater water hoses at the heater core.

Remove the A/C plenum demister adapter.
1 Remove the screw.
2 Remove the A/C plenum demister adapter.

Disconnect the vacuum line.

Remove the heater core bracket.
1 Remove the two screws.
2 Remove the bracket.

Remove the plenum chamber top.
1 Remove the 13 screws.
2 Remove the plenum chamber top.

Remove the blend door assembly from the case.

Remove the heater core.

Looks like you do they charge over 7hr's labor to do it so it's a big job.

Nov 23, 2010.