1997 Toyota 4Runner • 200 miles

My 4 runner will not start. It was running fine and one day it just did not start. It will crank but will not turn over. I beleive that I am not getting spark. The battery and starter are good and all fuses are good. I sprayed some starting fluid into the throttle body and it still did not start. I have also pulled a spark plug out and the plug was in good condition but had fuel on it. This is why I think there is no spark. What are the most likely causes? I have also pulled the timing belt cover and the belt is good. Could the ignition coils be bad causing the no start? It seems unlikely that all three of them would go out at the same time. What can I do to find the problem? Thanks
February 19, 2013.

Go to this link and review thoroughly:

Feb 19, 2013.