1997 Pontiac Transport • 6 cylinder FWD Automatic • 134,000 miles

I have a 1997 Pontiac Montana Transport that shuts off while driving, I coast over to the side of the road, and put it in park and it starts right back up and I drive away. This has happened three or four times in the past week. Check engine light does not come on. Any ideas Please Thanks Jim
James Gustafson
December 28, 2010.

Hi there james iam currentley experiencing the same problems with my 97 transport I was just wondering if you have found out the problem please send me an email or reply if you have thans again

Oct 5, 2012.
I also am having a similar problem, mine will start to spudder, shudder and not shift up and sometimes actually stall. I then pull over and it will not start right away, but if I wait 10 mins, she starts up and drives fine till the next time that it happens. I have also notice that this happens mostly when on steep or long hills. Now at home, my van starts fine, if I rev it, it will spudder sometimes. Changed my plugs, engine oil, and transmission oil so far and no change. Any ideas yet? If I figure it out, I will update you both.

Oct 18, 2012.