1997 Honda Accord • 230,000 miles

Can some help me with my car overheating issue, I have trouble with fans not kicking in.
At times they do at times they do not but right now they do not kick for sure.
Fans are good coz when my engine overheats and the heat guage goes all the way over half or red.
I turn off the engine all the time once the ignition is turned off the fans kick in and runs for about 4 to 7 mins at times.
I have fixed hose there was a leak but now no leaks changed the relay in the electric fuse box.
car over heats when I am stuck in traffic or if I am in parking lot for more than 5 t0 8 mins.
So I have to keep my heater on so that car doesnt over heat.
I guess its the ecu or the temp sensor switch at the hose below the distributor green color one.

Please help me fix this its quite frustrating when I am in Traffic
April 1, 2013.

Max: It could be a few things. Have you checked the temp sending unit? Have you tried a different fan relay?

Yes I tried the relay no its not it next thing on my mind is temp sensor at the trermo stat hose what do u say cuz fans r Gud.


Apr 2, 2013.