1997 Ford Thunderbird • 138,000 miles

My car won't communicate with the scanner any more. It was working, now it isn't. My car has no spark, the fuel pump won't come on, and the fan turns on when I turn the key. The car turns over, but thats all
April 4, 2013.

The first thing to do is check fuse number 15 in the power distribution box under the hood, if it is good then check all other fuse also.I suspect that you may have a faulty pcm. But on the vehicle diagnosis would have to confirm that.

Apr 5, 2013.
First check the connector the scanner is plugging into for a possible bad or loose wiring connection. Next I would get some starting fluid and sprayed it in the intake. If it starts you will know it's a fuel problem. And if it doesn't start you will need to check for power to the coil. It may be as easy as a bad coil wire. Good luck if you need me I'll be here.

Apr 5, 2013.