1997 Ford Ranger • 45,000 miles

1997 ford ranger, 4wd, 4.0l v6, manual transmission. Just got it a week ago. Had to go throu b.C in snow storm. Was in 4wd hi for a few hrs. @ Aprx. 100-130kns/hr. Now the transfer case won't dis-engauge from low gear.
got 4wd lo. No 4wd hi. No 2wd hi.
did I burn out the t-case? (Modle # bw1354, manual shift no electric shift motor or shift module in dash)
I have already disconnected the battery and elec. Plugs around tranny and t-case. Re-set all 5 bolts of manual shift linkage. Put all back together and test drive last night and still in low range.

purchased used, but the truck has been in the same family since driven off lot and dealer serviced all it's life. Runs great. 80 % or kms are highway (450,000 kms) had no probs till I did the big drive back to fernie from kelowna.
November 28, 2012.

First check to see if you have a fuse blown, if they are ok get it scanned to see what the problem is, it can be a vacuum line broken or a module bad. As it controls lo to high.

Nov 28, 2012.
Thnx for your time, but it was scanned ar a garage in cranbrook the morning of the drive back from kelowna when the issue first happened.
The mec. Said the computer has no problems come up and he was sure it's a manual t-case. I WILL for sure look at all the fuses again. Under the hood and in the cab. And I did notice there is a module missing from the engine bay fuse console. But pretty sure it was missing the whole time I was driving. Originaly when I first took her out for a test drivem. 4hi. 4lo. 2 hi no problem.
After coming over the 3 passes from kelowna to fernie in 4hi @ aprx. 120-130 kms/hr. 2hi for driving through the cities and towns. When arivied in cranbrook. Nothing but lo range, 2 wd or 4wd. (Manual locking hubs work great)
i hope your right. But I kinda don't think so. Gonna try and look at elec. Again thou
thnx again for your time and knowledge.

Nov 29, 2012.
Wellit's got a module that is under the dash for the 4wd but check for a vacuum leak as well as it has avacuum motor that works the tcase and it may have hole in hose or motor bad orthe hose came off.

Nov 29, 2012.