1996 GMC Jimmy • 123,320 miles

It seems to drive almost fine when going slow (0-10mph). When I try to go any faster, it gives a hard time. I'll be giving it gas and it doesn't want to grab any gears. The rpms will get high and have to keep them high in order to get it up to speed. After awhile it'll finally grab a gear but sometimes it'll fluctuate as in it'll continually go in and out of how it should be. I tried to shift it down from overdrive to drive then 2nd then 1st but it doesn't make any change at all in how it acts. Acts still exactly the same in 2nd n 1st like they don't exist. And if I am sitting at a stop sign or light for a few minutes, it will sometimes stall out.
November 13, 2012.

Have the transmission pressure tested to find out more what's going on-To me its slipping real bad-How's the fluid level and condition also the filter-have you ever had the transmission serviced?

Nov 13, 2012.
I would suspect either a timing issue or a clogged cat converter.

Nov 14, 2012.