1995 Pontiac Bonneville • 145,000 miles

Do I need to drop the gas tank in oreder to change the fuel pump in a 95 bonneville? Or is there a acess panel in trunk or under back seat? The problem w/the car is that it started to chug n buck wen driving. We poured in injection cleaner, no help. Changed fuel filter, ran better for a couple days then started doing same thing again but also stalling. At first it would start back up, but now the last time it wouldnt restart. We let it sit for a few hours and went back to get car with a car hauler and it started up so we drove it on the trailer for not wanting it stall again on way home. Got home car started and drove off the trailer and parked it in the yard. Havent drove the car anywhere for fear of stalling in an intersection again or along the road somewhere. So im guessing the fuel is bad, the car runs, pump heats up and stalls the engine, let it cool down and car starts up. So wat I really want to know is do I need to drop the gas tank in order to change the pump? Please help with any info. Girlfriend will apreciate it very much as well as myself. Im not an auto mechanic but can do a few things.
June 22, 2013.

The fuel tank will need to be removed to replace that pump.

Jun 22, 2013.
Cadieman- thank you very much for the response. Unfortunately now I have to do that job in the driveway out in the rain.

Jun 23, 2013.
Sorry to hear that try to pull it some where where there is cover and use jack stands.

Jun 24, 2013.