1995 Honda Del Sol • 4 cylinder 2WD Manual • 156,298 miles

I am working on a 95 Honda Civic del Sol. This is not the original engine, it was a replacement since the car was stolen and when recovered, there was no engine, hence, the replacement. It idles good but would not rev up, it bogs down when stepping on gas pedal. I have a 10-2 code, IAT sensor problem. Will this sensor affect this problem of not revving up? Checked fuel pressure, 47psi KOEO, 37 psi when KOER.
November 15, 2010.

The IAT (intake air temp) sensor really shouldn't be causing this. It sounds like there is an obstruction issue. Have you checked for obstructions in the intake (air) and the exhaust.

Hi, I took out the pre O2 Sensor so that there will be an outlet of the exhause manifold, however, the same problem. When I opened up the throttle, the engine dies or stall. The only DTC code is the IAT Sensor problem. Will the TPS malfunction do this stalling? Your reply is highly appreciated.

Nov 22, 2010.
Yes the TPS could cause it. I wouldn't think the IAT sensor could cause it but you may want to have it checked to be sure. If there are no obstructions, recheck the IAT.