1995 Chevrolet Silverado • V8 4WD Automatic • 320,000 miles

On my 1995 chevy pick up it has a stick shift for the four wheel drive. It goes into the 4 high position but will not go into 4 high at the front wheels. I am stuck on the grass at home and cannot get it off to try while I am moving. I have only just bought the truck and it did work when I went on a test drive.
thank you
December 6, 2010.

Check to make sure none of the vacuum hoses to the front axle are damaged or disconnected.

It could be the Actuator it is located right side of the front difarenchel with wire connector

Dec 7, 2010.
Make sure there is power to it. Also, If I recall, in 95 the front diff was vacuum actuated. Double check that and make sure there is vacuum to it. Finally, make sure the linkage to the transfer case is properly attached.