1994 Toyota Camry • 6 cylinder Automatic • 183,000 miles

I have a 1994 Toyota Camry SE V6 that emits lots of blue smoke that smells like burned oil when the engine is cold. It has a slow acceleration and uses more oil than usual. It all started after the transmission was replaced not so long ago. I took it to a mechanic and this is what he did to it. He replaced the transmission, spark plugs and a tune-up. When I got my car back, I noticed the blue smoke when I turned the car on. The mechanic said that it was due to an oil change, so it would be normal to expect some smoke and burned oil smell. A couple of days later, I complained to him about the smoke and he said to change 3 spark plugs to those that could withstand higher temperatures. So, after looking up online of the possible cause of my problems, I changed the front valve cover gasket, but the smoke has remained the same. I also noticed that a small amount of the blue smoke comes from underneath the exhaust manifold.
February 18, 2011.

Blue smoke is oil burning in combustion chambers, usually caused by bad valve stem seals, or rings.

If not coming from exhaust, then valve cover gasket, dist. O ring, front cam seal.

So you have an oil leak, have mechanic clean engine with brake cleaner and add UV dye to oil to isolate leak.

Feb 18, 2011.
Actually, the smoke is coming mainly from the exhaust. When cold, it looks like a horror film scene. I'm afraid I cannot repair the car, or that it isn't worth fixing. Thank you for answering the question.

Feb 20, 2011.