1994 Plymouth Voyager • 6 cylinder FWD Automatic • 160,000 miles

1994 Plymouth Voyager Van 3.3 160,000 miles

Last weekend after doing a lot of stop and go driving I was at a light and noticed light smoke coming from under the hood. Pulled over and couldn't see where anything was getting hot.
I get back in to continue driving home but before I could get anywhere the brakes went real soft. I stopped and checked brake fluid and it was where it should be. I pumped on the pedal and I could hear a sucking sound coming from firewall near floor.
I continued pumping on pedal and brakes firmed up again and sucking noise went away. I was able to drive home as if nothing happened, the brakes felt normal. I have drven it since and everything seems normal. No ABS light has come on during this entire time. My feeling is that something caused that to fail temporarily so what do I need to check?

I donated to this website through PayPal already last weekend but have gotten no response at all. Probably too busy and I'm getting impatient so I am here I am at the free answer section hoping someone can tell what may have happened.
Thanks in advance.
November 19, 2010.

You may have 2 problems here, the brakes are the main concern, if the fluid level is low you will have to check for a leak in the system, did you have to add any fluid?

Mark (mhpautos)

Nov 19, 2010.
The fluid is not quite 1/4" lower than the bottom of filter screen. I brought it up that much to where it should be.
I forgot to mention the electrical type of odor along with the smoke.
Smoke appeared while I was stopped at a light and just from the drivers side.


Nov 20, 2010.