1994 Plymouth Acclaim • 85,000 miles

1994 plymouth acclaim trying to find fuse panel other than the one on interior under steering wheel is there another panel located that is under hood. Car wont start headlights dont work radio doesnt work but battery is fine car turns over but just wont start thinking it has to be a fuse please help
April 1, 2013.

There usually is another one under the hood. My 06 Malibu had another in the trunk! The cabin fuse can run the radio and possibly the lights but I dont think that would keep it from starting.

Apr 1, 2013.
The fuses under the hood are fuse link wires. They're in a bundle going around the left strut tower. Separate them, then pull on them one at a time. If they act like a wire, they're good. If they act like a rubber band, they're burned open. Wires were used instead of fuses because they were expected to last the life of the car, and most do. They feed other fuses which will blow when something on that line is shorted. They also do not develop corroded contacts as fuses can do.

Apr 1, 2013.