1994 Opel Kadett • 4 cylinder 2WD Manual • 263,000 miles

Hi my opel kadett 94 model just cuts out sometimes while driving. What could the problem be?It's like there is no feed. When u start it and take ur foot of the accelorator it dies. Can you please assist me?
December 15, 2010.

Start by having the fuel filter changed and check fuel pressure

Dave H
Jan 7, 2011.
I have the exact same problem except I have replaced my fuel filter. It was so bad that I had to remove the part that diverts the overflow, and I put in three fuel filters. I believed the original cause was due to rust from my fuel tank but I no longer have any and my fuel line is clean. My car still cuts out occasionally though and to get going, I just have to suck fuel out from a filter and spit it into the fuel pipe just before the pump. I have an open kadette 1985 1.3.

Sean butler
Dec 1, 2012.