1994 Opel Kadett • 27,000 miles

Hi I have a blown head gasket want to fix it but I dont have the precise torque and timing settings for my car cause my car over heats extremely and I have a milkeries effect on my oil cap. And also has a crack in my intake manifold gasket that allows coolant into my cylinder head and steam out of my exhaust that makes my car sound like misfiring would eppreciate it if you guys help me with some info pls.
August 23, 2011.

We do not have this engine in our data base, I will do an on line search and post what I find. The milky oil on the oil cap will just be condensation, if the engine oil is not affected that will be ok.

Aug 24, 2011.
Hi if u have the carburator model either hatchback or sedan, and its a 1400, the settings is as follows: 25nm at 60 degrees in 3 stages. So torque ur bolts 25nm at a 60 degree angle, 3 times

Mar 8, 2013.