1994 Honda Accord • 280,000 miles

The wires that connect to my cigarette lighter somehow had to much amperage running through and the whole entire ground wire completely was fried along with several others with it. There were four other wires in close proximity to the ground wire that went plugged into a connector two were red that were spliced together and the other was black that went to a chassis ground. And a blue/white wire that went to the cigarette lighter. My question is after repairing these wires and a few others that looked like they needed replacing I go to turn on my headlights and my dash light doesn't illuminate and can't see nothing. When I turn off my headlights the dash lights come on. What wires did I plug in the wrong way.
October 21, 2012.

There is a Red and a Red/Black wire within the circuit and both cannot be interchanged nor fused together and Red cannot be grounded too.

Red/Black is for power supply when light switch is turned on. Red is the return (supposedly ground circuit ) to the dashlights brightness controller before being grounded.

Oct 21, 2012.