1992 Buick Lesabre • 233,000 miles

I have DTC's: 17, 41, and 58. Of course the "MIL" is on. At idle, is has a vibration to it off and on also. Are this codes related in some way? I believe 17 and 41 maybe, and am asking assistance,
with them. I am trying to figure out exactly what the problem is. It used to stall on me at times, while at idle. I asked this question before, but didn't get a response. So, I have reworded it because it may have been written 'to complex, or may have been confusing. Thanks guys.
January 6, 2013.

Try this remove ECM fuse for 10 or more sec. Start enguine drive do codes reset? Also has Pass-Key been altered?

Jan 6, 2013.
Ok will do, but 1 more question. Does removing the negative battery terminal, or even both do the same? I have removed negative/ and had to remove both negative and positive in the past, for repairs, and code are still there. As far as the pass key goes, not since I had it. Bought in april 2012, as is, and "MIL" was on, and not sure if passkey's been altered then. But, the glove compartment key can turn the electrical on for car, but will not allow cranking/start, as expected because it's not the "passkey", which brings me to believe that, the ignition portion of the anti-theft system works.(Pass-key). But, I am not an expert like you guys, just my assumption. I am trainning. Also just wanted to add that since I use gas from chevron/exxon/shell, the car hasn't stalled, BUT still has the odd vibration at times.

Jan 7, 2013.