1990 Ford Ranger

90 Ford Ranger XLT 2.3 2WD Automatic 97,000miles Driving up a slight hill, stepped on accelerator slightly, heard a loud knock from behind the cab. Pulled over stopped, put foot on brake, stepped on accelerator, truck wouldnt move. Put the truck in park, took a look at drive shaft because I had just changed the universals from and back. Got back in put it in drive, NOTHING. Would not go in any of the gears. Took off the tranny filter pan, to look for metal shavings, there are none in there. All torque convertor bolts are tight. Shifting mechanisim seems to work normally. The drive shaft wont rotate when put into gear. Does anyone know anything about this? If so please help. Thanks so much : roll:
September 27, 2007.

With an auto trans most of the time it could be a speed sensor in the side of the trans the speed sensor controls shifting by telling the computer when to shift up or down

Nov 22, 2011.
If you have no gears, check to see if there is fluid pressure. Also, the problem could be in the valve body itself.