1988 Oldsmobile 98 • 228,000 miles

Hi I have an 1988 oldsmobile 98 and iwant to know why it idolates sumetime and sumetimes it dont I also dont know it has a vacuum leak so could you be able to tell me how to check the vacuum leak and where to look ok and I have another problem I would like to know why when I brake or before I brake all the way it has a little jump to it and at the same time it idolates to
August 15, 2012.

Often you can hear a vacuum leak at idle, it will be a hiss sound, you can listen with a piece of rubber tube to your ear and the other passing around inlet manifold gaskets and vacuum switches, if there is a leak you will hear it quite clearly, please describe the brake problem with a bit more detail, I don't quite follow what you mean by a little jump.

Aug 15, 2012.