1987 Jeep YJ • 4WD Manual •

Yes I have a 1987 jy jeep wrangular and I am having problems with the fuel pump powering! Like I should be getting 12 volts to the pump but I am getting a low voltage back their from the connector an I cant seem to find the problem? Please help
May 12, 2011.

Can you jumper wire 12 Volts off the battery back to the pump. Just to see if it works?

What about replacing the fuel pump relay?

I usually justify "parts changing" (whether it works or not) Saying: It's worked a long time, My Jeep deserves a new one, this is preventative maintenance, If this ain't it--at least the old one can be a spare!

I tried to submit this twice already, lost all of my huntin' and peckin', both times.I had you a link to Autozone, they offered several relays for the fuel pump. Least expensive was right at $23---if that is you, you failed to enter your engine size, so I plugged in 6 cylinder in the Autozone dealee

This is my "Portable Electrical Kit", At the bottom you see a bundled up blue jumper wire--in the blue bag are 5 or 6 more, I finally made the long ones up, as my friend periodically has me troubleshoot/ fix trailer lighting.

Let me know how it's progressing!

The Medic

May 12, 2011.