Fuel Pump

Step by step explanation on how an automotive fuel pump works. This article pertains to most fuel injected vehicles.

Step 1
- A fuel pump starts by being submerged inside of a fuel tank which is common among all fuel injected vehicles. The sump holds fuel near the pump inlet.

Fuel Pump Sump

Step 2 - A connector is located near the top of the fuel tank, which is used to supply power and ground for the fuel pump and sensing wires of the fuel level sender.

Fuel Pump Wires

Step 3 - A corrugated fuel tube is used to connect the pump to the top of the tank through the cap plate.

Fuel Tube

Step 4 - Sometimes held in by clips the fuel pump can by mounted to the top plate and be serviced as a unit.

Fuel Pump In Tank

Step 5 - The pump body is where an electric motor is mounted to a small vein pump which picks up gas and then pressurizes the fuel system.

Fuel Pump Body


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Article first published (Updated 2015-01-08)