1985 Nissan Truck • 192,100 miles

Have a 1985 nissan king cab 2.4ltr turn the ign. Key nothing happen, can only hear the fuel pump. Battery good condition, pulled starter had it bench tested good condition, what do I check next?
October 6, 2012.

I am going to give you a walk through diagnsotic. When it mentions pulling codes, electrical part testing or testing things like fuel pressure, Advance Auto or Auto Zone will pull codes and test electrical components for free. They also loan out specialty and test tools.
Just use the link below;

Engine does not crank at all, how do I check the starter solenoid and or if it has a starter relay?

Oct 6, 2012.
If you have sufficient battery power and the relay is good the solenoid will make a noise as it try to turn the starter. A true solenoid test reuires a 1000 amp ammeter and the ability to check the RPMs when charged, so it is not very practical. However there is a plunger return test that you can performa and I am attaching instructions and FIG3 which is refferred to in them.
I am also going to give you the starter cicuit diagram. Advanace Auto or Auto Zone may be able to test the solenoid. I know they can test the starter and will do so for free.

Forgot wiring diagram. I could not find the psoition on the vehicle for the relay or the inhibitor relay so I hope this helps.