1983 Buick Regal • 6 cylinder 2WD Automatic • 70,000 miles

If a wheel cylinder has no bolts what holds it in place, lock ring does not bite. Do I need to also replace dust shield because hole is rotted or do shoes themselves hold it.
March 14, 2011.

There is an updated backing plate to replace that trouble-prone design that you still have. It requires the use of a normal bolt-on wheel cylinder. Be sure to check the diameter printed on the lip seals so you get the correct size.

Mar 14, 2011.
If the lock ring is not biting, you likely don't have it fully installed. That clip can be very difficult to lock in. I usually wedge something steel between the wheel cylinder and the wheel hub to hold it tight against the backing plate while using a punch and hammer in the rear to get it locked in.

Mar 14, 2011.