P CODES (POWERTRAIN) P0100 - P0199 P0114

    Modern cars use a variety of sensors to monitor various parameters of the engine and provide accurate readings to the Engine Control Module (ECM). One such sensor is the Intake Air Temperature (IAT) sensor, which measures the temperature of the air entering the engine. If the ECM detects a problem with the IAT sensor, it will trigger the P0114 code, indicating an Intake Air Temperature Circuit Intermittent issue. In this guide, we will walk you through the meaning of this code and how to troubleshoot it.

    Step 1: Understanding the P0114 Code
    The P0114 code refers to an Intake Air Temperature Circuit Intermittent issue, indicating that the ECM has detected an intermittent or inconsistent signal from the IAT sensor. The IAT sensor is responsible for measuring the temperature of the air entering the engine, and this information is used by the ECM to adjust the fuel injection and ignition timing. When the IAT sensor fails, it can lead to various engine performance issues, including reduced fuel economy, rough idle, and stalling.

    Step 2: Locating the IAT Sensor
    The IAT sensor is usually located near the air filter housing, on the intake manifold, or on the throttle body. Refer to your car's service manual or consult with a qualified mechanic to determine the exact location of the IAT sensor in your vehicle.

    Step 3: Checking the IAT Sensor Wiring
    Before replacing the IAT sensor, check the wiring and connectors for any signs of damage, corrosion, or loose connections. Use a digital multimeter to check the continuity of the wiring, and ensure that there is no resistance or open circuit in the circuit.

    Step 4: Testing the IAT Sensor
    If the wiring and connectors are in good condition, the next step is to test the IAT sensor itself. Disconnect the sensor from the wiring harness and use a multimeter to measure its resistance. Refer to your car's service manual for the correct resistance values at various temperatures. If the resistance is out of range or inconsistent with the values specified in the manual, replace the IAT sensor.

    Step 5: Cleaning or Replacing the Air Filter
    A dirty or clogged air filter can also cause intermittent issues with the IAT sensor, leading to the P0114 code. Check the air filter for any signs of damage, dirt, or debris, and clean or replace it as necessary.

    Step 6: Clearing the Code
    After addressing the underlying issue, clear the P0114 code using an OBD-II scanner or by disconnecting the battery for a few minutes. If the problem persists, consult with a qualified mechanic for further diagnosis and repair.

    The P0114 code is a common issue that can affect the performance and fuel economy of your car. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can diagnose and troubleshoot the IAT sensor circuit intermittent problem and ensure that your car is running smoothly.

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