1994 Chevrolet Blazer



May, 23, 2013 AT 7:37 AM

About 1 month ago I filled up my tank nd went home nd it would not start the next morning so yesterday I got up enough money for a fuel pump nd fiter nd put them on now the truck will start nd run in park but in drive the motor shake real bad nd it wont accelerate over 15 mph even with pedal to floor. When I sit in truch nd hit the gas in park u can hear a swishing sound allmost like its spitting. It ran fine before the pump went out please help


1 Answer



May, 23, 2013 AT 9:09 AM

How long since a tune-up? Any applicable mil codes? Use a gage and check proper fuel pressure. If you have the spider fuel system, that system is known for problems. You may have to check fuel injector and fuel poppets. Was the gas tank clean when you replaced the pump? Did you check for good voltage and ground at the pump?

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