Intermittent clank noise close to the wheels

  • 2019 RAM 1500
  • 3,300 MILES
Have been hearing a clank noise near the wheels every so often. No pattern and each wheel except the driver's side front. Thought maybe it was the retracting step joints. Today I see that a large bolt has punched through the bed of my new truck!
What should I expect? I do not think I should have to have a patched hole in my new truck.
Is the truck safe to drive or would it cause more damage?
Do you
have the same problem?
Friday, August 28th, 2020 AT 6:50 PM

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Wow. That is interesting. Clearly we need to look under the truck and find where that came from. It doesn't look to me in a place that would be from your truck. Meaning it could be something that kicked up from the road or something else like this. I just don't see how a bolt that was possibly causing a noise could penetrate the bed like this and it be attached to another part of your truck, so we need more info from underneath. Can you lay on the ground and get a picture from underneath to try and find what is causing the issue? In other words, lets see if that is attached to anything on the other side. That will explain what this is. As for if this is something that you are responsible for, we need to determine what caused it before you can determine if your warranty will cover it or your insurance.

As for it being safe, that will be determined as well once we know what caused it. Seeing the underneath will help answer this. Thanks
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Friday, August 28th, 2020 AT 7:17 PM

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