2001 Volvo XC70



August, 26, 2009 AT 6:06 PM

Electrical problem
2001 Volvo XC70 4 cyl All Wheel Drive Automatic 136000 miles

My certified Volvo mechanic has replaced the alternator, AAA replaced the battery. The car dies (Elecrical System Service Required) warning is sent out and systems begin to shut down until the car dies. Jump start the car and it runs for about 24 hours, until it repeats the same program. The mechanic tested the load, alternator is putting out the amps, but what do I do with an unfixable electrical problem


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August, 27, 2009 AT 12:25 AM

When the problem starts what is the alternator actually putting out? If they are checking it when there is no problem then everything will check out O.K. At that time. Also has the tech done some voltage drops across the the positive and negative cables? Also did he replace the alternator or just the voltage regulator? I have seen problems where only the voltage regulator is replaced but a month later the alternator itself fails? The bottom line is that the tech needs to be able to duplicate the problem first to properly diagnose the problem.

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