2001 Volvo V70 2001 Volvo Transmission

  • 2001 VOLVO V70
  • 4 CYL
  • FWD
  • 110,000 MILES
I have a 2001 Volvo V70 Wagon with the 2.4L turbo and automatic Transmission. Within a year after we purchase the car, the transmission was replaced (on Volvo, of course).

The original symptoms:

Abrupt downshifting on deceleration. By 'abrupt', I mean bumping into gear kind of violently.
Abrupt upshifting when accelerating after decelerating into a corner (like popping the clutch in a manual trans.)
Occasional total loss of power to transmission from engine. (Driving down the road, engine sounds fine, car won't go)
The replacement was done by our local Volvo dealership. Afterward, though the loss-of-power problem didn't recur, we were less than totally satisfied that the shifting issues were solved. But they told us that they could detect nothing in the software and couldn't get the car to demonstrate the symptoms when they test drove it.

Now, 7 years later, the problem is back with an vengeance. That is to say, while the symptoms have been here all along intermittently, they are now at a level where I question the reliability of the car.

The current symptoms:

Same abrupt downshift on deceleration
Same abrupt upshift on acceleration in the decel/accel situation described above.
Now occaisionally abruptly upshifts from a dead stop (like when taking off from a stop sign).
Engine often revs between 1st and 2nd when accelerating from a stop (again, like I'm ineptly shifting a manual trans.)
Often hesitates between 1st and 2nd when accelerating from a stop, almost like it's stalling out.
I took it back to the same dealer who said, 'We can't detect anything with the software and can't make it demonstrate the symptoms you describe when we test drive the car. But you do have two broken motor mounts as well as issues with you steering linkage and broken strut mounts, etc. Which could be confusing the software with unpredictable torque readings and causing the shifting issues you describe'. Just how this list of problems occurred with my mild-mannered spouse at the wheel, I can't imagine. She must be off-roading in her station wagon while I'm at work. But it sounded like a plausible explanation, so I paid them the $4,200 for the repairs only to have the transmission issues remain. Naturally, I was displeased.

When I took it back in, they regurgitated the same tired line about the software and the test drive and sent me home. I'm concerned that if the dealership took me for $4,200 not to solve my problem (they're the experts, right?), Then some random 'European' mechanic shop might introduce me to brand new levels of despair.

Any and all help, tips, suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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refere dealer to Technical Service Bulltin Reference number 43-46 date August 05,2004
For S60/V70/V70XC 2001-2002 models.
Customer complains harsh od delayed shift.
Repair:replace valve bodyaccording to proceedure VADIS and Download Software Product 30646691 to TCM transmission control module.
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