2000 Volvo S80



April, 30, 2008 AT 10:16 AM

Suspension problem
2000 Volvo S80 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 59750 miles


I have my car at the dealer for winter tire swapover and an oil change and I just got a call telling me that one of the front bushings is worn and that I should replace all 4. This to the tune of over 700.00.

I know nothing about cars and usually trust the dealer but had a bad experience recently and am now a bit uneasy when it comes to repairs.

First of all, how would they even know this? I didn't think that this would be visible by merely removing a tire.

Second, if 1 is worn and in need of replacement, is it absolutely necessary to replace all 4 at this time?

Thanks so much for your advice. Enjoy your day


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2CarPros Ken

April, 30, 2008 AT 5:02 PM

Hello Judie, If your tires show signs off wear then you may have bushings that are worn, ask to see why the say the bushing are worn out. Because your vehicle has low milles on it.



April, 30, 2008 AT 6:41 PM

Thanks for responding - no my tires are perfect. They are 100 thousand mile tires and not even close to showing wear. The service guy told me that only 1 bushing was worn, but that I should replace all 4. Just is not making sense to me. I am going to take it to another mechanic.


2CarPros Ken

May, 1, 2008 AT 1:42 PM

Please let me know how it goes. We might of saved you some money. : -)


Eric Craig

May, 2, 2008 AT 10:09 AM

I have a 2004 Volvo S80 and the same thing happened to me. At about 60,000 miles, while at the dealer for a scheduled maintenance, I was told that my bushings were going to need replacing. It's now at 97,000 miles, and I definitely need to replace them now.

I guess they're just a part that wears out pretty quickly. The mechanics at the dealership I go to have been really cool. Yeah, they're expensive, but they know I like to do the work myself when I can, and they have been quite helpful on many occasions.

Good luck



May, 2, 2008 AT 5:33 PM

So are you saying that you did not replace them at 60K miles and they lasted until now at 97K miles?

I have already gotten a quote for 1/3 the dealers cost. Have to bring the car in next week for him to confirm the price. If it only needs 1 replaced, it will be even less expensive. Oh, and yes this is a trusted mechanic - works primarily on foreign cars and have know him for years.

Thanks for your response


Dr. Hagerty

July, 13, 2008 AT 12:33 AM

I have had many experiences with people taking their to be repaired and afterwards feeling as if they had been lied to. My youngest sons significant other had her Nissan at an agency (I won't mention the name) for tire rotation and her father wanted them to inspect the A/C system, a price was quoted, when he returned to collect the car, the price had changed and he was not contacted. On Monday I will call the Calif. BAR and see what can be done. And I will be repairing the car, probably for the cost of two schraeder valves and some 134a. If the bushing in question is indeed in need of replacement then it alone needs to be replaced for sure, however, the other bushings involved need not be if they are still serviceable. I am a BMW master and my experience with Volvo is limited, however I know when someone is telling me a story to line their pockets. Take your car to your trusted friend and let the agency that is in question know that what they have done is totally unacceptable and could be construed as fraud.

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