2005 Volvo S40 How bad is this repair gonna be?

  • 2005 VOLVO S40
Engine Mechanical problem
2005 Volvo S40 4 cyl Automatic 57000 miles

My son let his '05 Volvo S40 run all but dry, and has driven it for a few days with a "clattering" noise. The noise to me sounds like valves or rockers, and I think it's probably totally burned up. The car still runs, but makes a lot of that clattering noise. We still owe $9K+ on the car - is it worth replacing the engine? What's a ballpark figure on what I might expect to pay? Thanks.
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Saturday, May 30th, 2009 AT 5:20 PM

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The engine itself may run you between $7K to $8K dollars plus whatever the dealer charges for it's hourly rate? Now you will get a complete engine that is assembled with timing belt, cam cover, valves already adjusted. They would need to transfer over parts like all the auxillery stuff like alterntor, a/c compressor etc.
You could have it rebuilt but #1 Do not think you would save very much money and second sometimes you could run into problems and to be honest once you rebuild that engine they sometimes are not the same anymore? I believe the S40 is a really good reliable and safe car Volvo has made but it is up to you if you would want to spend the money rebuilding it. You can by your son another car something that maybe he can also practice on maintaning it himself?
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Sunday, May 31st, 2009 AT 9:28 PM

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